Schmuck the Buck

Happy 1st December!

It’s practically Christmas already! Hands up who else is excited?

Aside from the food (is there anything better than Christmas food?), my favourite thing about Christmas is picking something special for someone I love and care about and seeing their face light up when they unwrap it.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous Christmas-themed book for that little person in your life then look no further!

Schmuck the Buck is a heartwarming tale of an unconventional reindeer who overcomes adversity in order to save Christmas.

Meet Schmuck the Buck, just a regular caribou

He liked to eat grass and then chew and chew and chew

Yet he and his kin happened to be the sole

Jewish reindeer living in the North Pole

Shmuck was bullied and treated the worst way

Until his brilliant plan saved one Christmas Day

I think, for most of us, we have all felt as though we were different and awkward at one point in our lives. It might have even been something you were bullied over. For me it was. How often did you ever read a book as a child where you saw the main character bullied for being awkward and embrace what makes them different to come out of it stronger and better and braver? Isn’t that the kind of book you wanted to read as a kid?

Schmuck the Buck takes a fresh modern twist on a classic Christmas tale. It is full of diversity. One of my favourite parts of the book was where it says how ‘Christmas is not all about gifts, but the love underneath.’ Belief or no belief, it really doesn’t matter with this book. It’s simply a warm tale that is full of heart.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. Those along with the writing are evidence of the love and care that has been put into crafting this book. It’s humorous and, at times, a bit adult, which just makes this the perfect book to read with your little one. It’s a book that can be loved and appreciated by anyone of any age.

Many thanks to EXO Books for providing a free e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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