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Trick or Treat: Book Tag

At the beginning of the month, I was tagged by the lovely Bookish Pisces to do the Trick or Treat tag – an original tag as created by Bookish Pisces as part of Blogtober. If you’re not following her blog then you’re seriously missing out! So what is the Trick or Treat tag? You know those books that you’ve been so excited to read and were disappointed because they never lived up to the hype? Those are books that will be labelled as ‘Trick’. And those books  ...

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About Me, Book Tag, Mental Health

50 Things That Make Me Happy

How many times in a day do we complain about the things we dislike? How many times a day do we do things that we hate? Our brains are hardwired for the negative, which is why we tend to focus more on all the unpleasant things in our lives rather than the positive. It’s why many of us with mental illnesses are able to recall all the times we’ve felt sad and alone and unhappy. It’s why whenever anyone asks us to think about something happy and positive, we end up drawing a  ...

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My Reading Habits

I’ve decided to branch out a little bit and do something different to a book review so that you can get to know me – and my reading habits – a bit better. While this is a tag, I haven’t actually been tagged by a blogger – I saw this on Goodreads and decided to do it because it looked like fun and is something a little bit different. Who says you can’t do it if you haven’t been tagged? Not me! If you want to do it, you do it. I plan on doing a few  ...

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